Key #5 Stop Escaping and Slow Down to Listen to Your Heart

Key #5 to a Drama-Free Breakup Through my 20’s and 30’s I was in a hurry.  I chewed fast, I showered fast and I rebounded fast.  I savored few things.  I missed out on what my heart was trying to tell me.  The language of the heart is slow and steady.  It’s a rhythm of peace and kindness.  When I rushed through my life, I was not able to connect with those that I loved.  Most importantly, I wasn’t able to connect to my own heart, because I flew through my days, ignoring my delicate passions and true desires.  My heart suffered because of this habit. Key #5 Stop Escaping and Slow Down to Listen to Your Heart If you want… more »

Continuing on with a Drama Free Breakup. Say NO to Stalking!

You will move beyond breakup drama, when you demand a no contact policy between you and your ex.  Say NO to stalking!  This means refraining from texting, calling, social media stalking, or contacting your ex for a specified period of time after your breakup. Key #4 Demand No Contact with Your Ex Your precious heart is a coveted item.  Have you seen that picture of a gooey heart being handed over to a special someone with the quote ‘will you take care of my fragile heart?’   Right now, it isn’t fair to expect your ex to take care of your fragile heart.  I know it’s hard because up to this point, he’s been the person you confide in…but he isn’t that… more »

Getting Past Your Breakup

Getting Past Your Breakup is the Number 1 Key to a Happy Life! When you need relationship therapy, start here.  You will keep the drama out of your breakup and move on in a quick and efficient way so you can begin anew… A Breakup FULL of Drama is one in which you half-heartedly make the breakup decision because you’re feeling hurt and lonely and you react. You blurt it out, barely meaning it. You get on your high horse and decide to walk out with a lot of pomp and circumstance, all the while hoping he will run after you, adding to the drama. Drama attracts drama.  You won’t be getting past your breakup if you choose this route…. more »

12 Habits of Happy Women

10 years ago, I decided to choose happiness.  I was so miserable at the time, that this meant making lots of changes.  The major change was my marriage.  I knew in my gut I had to go.  After divorce, I also changed my job, my lifestyle, and my perspective.  Oh, and where I lived. This was a very good start to the beautiful life I am now honored to live. Many of my clients have also chosen happiness and I want you to choose happiness too.  Do you find yourself in a relationship that isn’t making you happy? If so, it’s time to be bold, stop waiting for someone else to make you happy and choose happiness for yourself. This might mean… more »

Get to Back to Your Center Score

Serenity Sorceress            +81  to  +131 At Peace Apprentice         +32  to  +82 Unruffled Understudy     -18  to  +31 Tranquil Tinkerer              -65  to  +17 Feel you came in at the middle of the movie?! Take a step back and Go to the QUIZ Get Back to Your Center Quiz Results: Serenity Sorceress    +81  to  +131 Way to go, it’s time to evaluate your centeredness score! For you, getting back to your center is a great habit!  This is Dali Lama land. You have worked diligently to allow your state of mind to be more important than what you’re doing. You are not likely to be shaken… more »