Get to Back to Your Center Score

Serenity Sorceress            +81  to  +131

At Peace Apprentice         +32  to  +82

Unruffled Understudy     -18  to  +31

Tranquil Tinkerer              -65  to  +17

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Get Back to Your Center Quiz Results:

Serenity Sorceress    +81  to  +131

Way to go, it’s time to evaluate your centeredness score! For you, getting back to your center is a great habit!  This is Dali Lama land. You have worked diligently to allow your state of mind to be more important than what you’re doing. You are not likely to be shaken when you have a dream that your past lover is now with another woman.  Your feathers won’t stay ruffled.  My guess is that you have trained your body to remember to breathe after a crisis moment.

Your job is to be with people out in the world. Just by letting us see your amazing essence, we can know more serenity. Just by smiling at us, our hearts are put to rest. Thank you immensely for your dedication to the goal of being peaceful, calm, and untroubled. Keep creating, sharing, and putting your vulnerable self out there as a serene human which we want to see more of in the world.

During your breakup, this is a time for you to practice even more of what you’ve already practiced. Stay centered when the emotions fly. Find the key to your recovery each moment you begin to waiver. This is a beautiful time to get to know yourself in the midst of uncertainty and transition. What’s another way you can generously share this centeredness with your friends? We would love to know more of your secrets!  Tell me more in a comment at the bottom of this post.


At Peace Apprentice   +32  to  +82

Great start! Life is full of places to get back to your center. Where can you consciously get more practice? Could you stay conscious of being off-center when you get lonely?  Could you practice getting back to your center when you are really wanting to call him?  When you practice, exclaim that you are doing it for the sake of obtaining a heart at peace. Because really, what’s better than a heart at peace? You have begun a particularly honorable practice that has served you more than you know.

During a breakup, it is an extremely powerful place to practice getting back to center. Emotions get triggered, routines can be confusing, and sometimes enrolling your support team to be with you in a way that heals can be difficult, lonely, and frustrating. Stay the course. This is the work you were meant to do. It is our nature to get back to center.  We just have to have some tools and allow it.  Try any of the following:  breath work, yoga, meditation, massage, visualization.  These tools will allow you to observe, get out of your own way, and allow for the natural healing to take place.  Your main job is to give it space and time.  Share with me about how you have been practicing by clicking on my email below.


Unruffled Understudy    -18 to +31

You can do it! The great news is, as you claim this goal of choosing to get back to center , you will exponentially reap your reward. That means you have to try just a little to make a huge shift in obtaining a heart at peace by coming back to center.

Take an inventory of your current serenity each morning and evening. Notice the little things that can send it further from or closer to you. For example, you notice that you are getting upset that you didn’t stand up for yourself in a conversation. That non-action sent you further from your center. Make a commitment that you intend to choose to do things that claim more serenity. You will stand up for yourself next time because you have a good reason to do so.

Here’s another example – say that you are sad on Sundays after the breakup and now you know you need to really focus on your center for those days, especially. Coming back to center is a state of being – it’s a choice. Now choose it for the sake of a better you, and a better world. I’d love to hear your progress.  Share a comment below and keep in touch.


Tranquil Tinkerer    -65 to +17

Now you know! Returning to your center CAN be something you are good at! As you understand this and begin to see the benefit, then you will make choices for the sake of a heart at peace. Think of this question as you go about your day today. Why bother being centered? If you can’t find the answer, keep asking the question. If you do find some evidence pro-centeredness, start to study it like you would study how to have a successful relationship for when you are ready for your next guy. As you begin to invite centeredness in, it will show itself to you in wonderful ways.

For example, when I am in an argument, I have trained myself to observe how best to choose to stay centered in that moment. Sometimes it means fighting for what I want for the sake of being understood and sometimes it means admitting I was wrong. Being centered doesn’t mean you need to become a doormat. It means that centering your state of mind is of utmost importance whether you are at war or just washing the dishes. It’s easy to blame and shame ourselves and others because our egos want to win.

During a breakup, the inner critics can get very feisty. Remember that the inner critic is not in charge and that you have made a choice to be at peace in your heart no matter what’s going on in your external world. Please share with me your exploration of successful times of returning to center and not-so-successful times of being able to return to center the way you want by sending me your insights on the link below.  Write about it, breathe into it, and feel your way back to center each time you think about it.

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P.S.  Returning to center starts with you. Let your state of mind be more important than what you’re doing. It starts with you being able to recover to center no matter what circumstances show up on the outside. This a continuous practice. There is never an arrival ‘place’ that you land in and stay forever.  It is just a simple direction.

When you are in your center,  you remember who you are no matter what. The ideal looks like this: Picture yourself waking up in the morning in a peaceful and rested mood. Whether your relationship just ended or didn’t, is not the point. It’s about self-compassion, societal compassion, and an ability to be mindful no matter what is going on in your outside world. You talk nicely to yourself, you think kindly of others, and you have a general awareness of what’s going on around you and within you.  When you realize you are getting worried or scared, you take note.  While taking note, you stop and find yourself, and make a move toward your center.

What would the world be like if we were like this even just 80% of the time. Ending relationships, saying goodbye would be held in much more compassion and understanding. Start with you. Start today by committing to the goal of choosing to return to center each time you find yourself drifting into fear, worry, hesitation, or mistrust.  Allow it to happen since it is your nature to be in center.


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