Courageous Lover – Private Coaching

You are now ready to press the reset button in your head and heart. Therefore, you ditch your old pattern of attracting the wrong men once and for all! With this reset button, you know in your heart that as of now, you will fall in love with yourself more than ever and you will find a partner who can ‘meet you’ in all the ways you dreamed were possible.

Imagine how much time you could save and happiness you could experience when you finally end the cycle and hit a home run to true love.

When you join the Courageous Lover Private Coaching Program, this can be your reality. You will have me by your side to answer questions, hold your hand, give you personalized feedback, kick your butt into action and breathe courage into your spirit.

I only work with a handful of carefully selected private coaching clients at a time to ensure that you have my full attention and support. It’s important to me that we’re a great match because my clients become like family. My favorite clients to work with are energetic, motivated, and determined to live a big life full of joy and love!

Jessica Chaloupka

After working with Kate for 6 months, her techniques are still helping me continue the healing process ❤️

When I first met Kate, I was struggling with the breakup with my ex-boyfriend. We had been dating for two years when I got a job overseas. While in my head I knew it was the right thing to do for both of us, I just couldn’t grasp this idea of living without him. Breaking up was his idea and even though I knew it was best, I couldn’t stop crying, obsessing, and sabotaging my daily happiness because I was too upset about the breakup.

Kate was amazing in the way she helped me see reality – because I was actually only seeing something I made up in my head. Our first chat was two months after my breakup, and I was really struggling with daily tasks. I cried constantly and knew that without professional help, my healing process would be a lot longer. Not only did she help me realize why I wasn’t in an ideal relationship, she helped me to see what’s actually important to me. While working with her, I began to notice what’s truly important in my life and how I let some of those values fall by the wayside during my relationship.

I had an issue with feeling shame for being so upset over this breakup, like I needed to just get over him, and Kate helped me first embrace the sadness, so I could stop the shame and then move on toward healing. It felt really good to be able to talk with her and not feel judged, ridiculed, or shamed for my reaction to the breakup. I pride myself in being a smart, successful woman, so this reaction I had to my breakup really caught me off guard.

Kate kept me accountable and offered amazing support. This was especially important to me since I was living overseas, away from my normal group of friends and all my family. The biggest thing that helped me was the idea that I didn’t have to know HOW I was going to get over him. I just promised to be present and gentle with myself because I really was delicate during that time. Her recovery tools proved to be priceless.

It’s been one year since my breakup, and I can honestly say I don’t think I’d have this smile on my face today without Kate’s help! She really took the time to understand my situation and get to know me. She was my biggest support system for 6 months! I looked forward to our talks and knew that she was getting me closer to where I needed to be – not just healed from the breakup, but strong, confident, and ready to love again!! ❤️ I’m SO grateful to have Kate in my life and I think anyone would be lucky to work with her!

-Jessica Chaloupka

The first step is to fill out an application. Once I receive your application I’ll email you to schedule a complimentary 20-minute call where we’ll get to know each other a little better, I’ll answer any of your questions or concerns and if we’re both excited to move forward, we’ll get you enrolled in the program!

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Powerful Program Results:

Here are some of the results you can look forward to when you join my Courageous Lover Private Coaching Program.

  • Design a reliable support system to hold you accountable and keep you focused on your “big why” for leaving this relationship.
  • Start to rebuild your physical, emotional and spiritual health with my comprehensive 3-step self-care system.
  • Celebrate your new freedom!
  • Rebuild a relationship with yourself so that new love finds you when you are ready.
  • Set a sure-fire standard so you will always say “NO” to things you do not want in your life and you will never go back to a bad relationship.
  • Destroy bad habits that have kept you spinning your wheels in one unhappy relationship after another.
  • Rebuild and nurture meaningful friendships that make you happy.
  • Enjoy how people notice you more now and want to get to know you better.
  • Rediscover activities that light you up, and uncover new ones, so you can begin to fully enjoy your life again.
  • Learn the secrets to create the kind of romance you always wanted but didn’t know was possible.
  • Be found by the partner who can “meet you” in your new, elevated life.
  • Explore the simplicity of being in the right place at the right time for new love opportunities.
  • Become magnetic, not only to new love, but to the things, situations and people that bring you joy.

What You Receive as a Private Coaching Client:

Kick off the program designed to go deep to create a massive breakthrough for your life and the way you love, in record time. The day is designed to meet your individual needs around how to move forward from your pattern of painful relationships and into the enlivening process of rebuilding the life you love.
Your VIP intensive will take place in Boulder, CO or via Skype.
Depending on whether you’re single or coupled and ready for a change, here are some of the outcomes you can look forward to from our time together:

  • Breakthrough limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and unhappy so you can attain freedom and peace.
  • Feel relief now that this big decision is made and the weight is off your shoulders.
  • Watch your stress melt away now that you have a step-by-step plan for how to 
  • Experience increased confidence as you begin to claim the life you love.
  • Finally sleep peacefully again knowing that you don’t have to endure your painful relationship forever.

Receive support, accountability, and implementation through two, 45-minute coaching sessions per month (12 sessions total) – I will hold your hand and kick your butt all the way to becoming the courageous lover you’ve always known you could be. This will result in the attainment of a life you cherish and you will attract a higher caliber of new love.

Easily implement what you learn with done-for-you templates, worksheets, reports, and training videos regarding subjects of self-care, values, traits, and goals all designed to create a clear and healthy direction for you life.

  • Unlimited Email Support Between Sessions

Never leave a question unanswered with unlimited email support between coaching sessions. Take advantage of this offer to increase momentum and achieve maximum results in record time.

After the grieving process, enter the world with a brand new phenomenal perspective that initiates your new life!


Whenever you have a quick need to express emotion, to vent, or when you feel alone, pick up the phone and call Kate for a quick connection.

Become even more solid in your knowledge about where you’re headed and how to best serve the knower inside you.

Treat yourself like the queen you are when it counts the most with this sensuous experience.


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