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The Courageous Lover

Platinum Private Coaching Program

This six-month, in-depth, one-on-one pinnacle of relationship help is on its way.  You will mend your broken heart and  ‘make it happen, no matter what!’ If you are a Courageous Lover looking for relationship advice for men or women, want to know a deeper sense of self, satisfaction, and inner peace that is not dependent on a partner. You’ll uplevel your relationships from here on out!

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The Breakup to Breakthrough

VIP Intensive

When you are ending a relationship, this 1-day intensive creates a breakthrough for you so you can finally break free, mentally and physically, from your bad relationship. You will be empowered to immediately take a better hold of your life than ever before while you are getting over a broken heart.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go

One-Month Intensive

When you dive deep into this one-month intensive, you can finally stop the relationship problems and understand your relationship like never before.You will have me by your side, each week, for one month. I will open up your world to the habits that keep you from relationship happiness. We will sort through the truths and the lies that you tell yourself so you can rest at ease when you reach your final decision at the end of the month.  You will get the relationship counseling you have been looking for.  Do this BEFORE the divorce support groups come along!  If you decide to leave, you will learn how to end a relationship, and all your relationship questions will be answered.

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The Breakup Essentials Kit

This is for the broken hearted, to help you get over a breakup. Use this kit to start getting over a breakup with ease, courage, and trust.  When you advance through the Breakup Essentials Kit,  you take a stand for your life and your direction. This is how you can mend a broken heart.  You are no longer floating to any guy who’ll pay attention to you or any lover who makes you feel special for a moment. You’ll take charge of your life and speak up for your happiness. You’ll develop a deeper sense of discernment so you no longer waste your time.

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The Courageous Lover Report

If are a man or a woman who needs relationship help, this is a tailor-made report that will provide you with a deeper look on the relationship advice you need now.

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