The Ultimate Relationship Test to See if…

Finally.  A Relationship Test to See if a Breakup is Warranted

It’s easy to get relationship tips and relationship advice, but it’s not easy to move on when you’re not sure if it’s truly over.

Is it over?

Take this relationship test to see if you should stay or you should go.


The Courageous Lover Kit

My biggest wish for you is to help you through this breakup transition with ease, courage, and trust.
Take the next step with me, through your breakup transition.
When you take this Courageous Lover Journey and invest in the Kit, you take a stand for your life and your direction. This means that you aren’t out there floating to any guy who’ll pay attention to you or any lover who makes you feel special for a moment. You’ll take charge of your life and speak up for your happiness. You’ll develop a deeper sense of discernment so you no longer waste your time.

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The Courageous Lover | Report

The Courageous Lover Report

Don’t you think it’s a pivotal time to reflect on who you are and how you show up as a lover? This reflection will save you unnecessary drama and wasted time when making the breakup transition. That’s why I created the Courageous Lover Report.

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Kate Galt Relationship Coach & Breakup Expert
Kate Galt is a relationship therapist, better known as The Breakup Expert. If you are in the throes of dealing with a breakup and are having difficulty and wondering if your relationship is ending, a relationship coach can help!

Kate, The Breakup Expert helps people with relationship questions. Kate is a certified relationship coach and has helped 100’s of people in this effort.

Though Kate works remotely with people from all over, she  is available in person working out of Boulder, CO and is available in person as a Relationship Coach helping you to deal with and get over a breakup. She serves Boulder, CO and the surrounding communities of Louisville, Lafayette and Longmont, CO

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