Continuing on with a Drama Free Breakup. Say NO to Stalking!

You will move beyond breakup drama, when you demand a no contact policy between you and your ex.  Say NO to stalking!  This means refraining from texting, calling, social media stalking, or contacting your ex for a specified period of time after your breakup.

Key #4 Demand No Contact with Your Ex

Your precious heart is a coveted item.  Have you seen that picture of a gooey heart being handed over to a special someone with the quote ‘will you take care of my fragile heart?’  valentines-series-ii-6-1414426-s
Right now, it isn’t fair to expect your ex to take care of your fragile heart.  I know it’s hard because up to this point, he’s been the person you confide in…but he isn’t that person anymore.  Expecting him to be creates confusion and drama.  Right now, it’s time to remove him from your contacts so your heart can fully recover before talking to him again.

I realize that this isn’t easy. In times of weakness, when you feel tempted to contact him, it will be important to remember your ‘Big Why’ (why you don’t want to contact him). Write your big why down and share it with 2 friends so they can help you stay clear.

“But Kate, what if I have to see him?”

I thought you might ask. It’s true that you may have to see him for non-negotiable reasons. If you must see him, make sure you bring a friend who knows your “Big Why’ and who will help you stay accountable to your healing and recovery.

The stricter your boundaries between you and your ex, the faster your healing and recovery will happen. For every step you take toward claiming the life you love, you’ll take two steps back every time you see your ex.

Is that worth it to you?

Like I said, I know this isn’t easy, but maintaining strict boundaries between you and your ex during your breakup is very important if you want to get on with rebuilding a life that you love.

If you need support, always remember that I’m here for you.