Relationship Advice for Women…What to Do After a Breakup. No Contact After Breakup is Key

Relationship Advice for Women – Know What to Do After a Breakup

Are you seeking breakup advice because you are getting over a breakup?

Straight from the Breakup Expert, relationship advice for women

Take this relationship advice for women if you wonder what to do after a breakup.  No contact after a breakup is the key. That can be tricky if one of you needs to move out or you have children together.  If neither of those apply to you, consider yourself free to do what needs to be done and stop contact right away to begin to mend a broken heart.  If your life is a little more complicated and enmeshed with your ex, don’t fear, you can get through this with this relationship advice.  First of all, decide that you don’t want drama in your life.  Take a stand for that.  Choose 3 character traits that you would like to inherit for the breakup and become those traits.  For instance, in my last breakup, I chose to be benevolent, compassionate, and powerful. Each time I had to deal with him, I put on those traits and wore them like clothes.

How to move out:

You know your ex pretty well by now.  If they are the kind of person who gets angry and gets violent, it’s time to get a restraining order.  These can be pesky rules, but they will make the situation much more clear cut.  If they are the kind of person that will sulk and make you second guess, or even if they’re the best ex in the world – there should be no contact even when moving out.  Ask a friend to ask your ex to pack their things to one side of the rooms.  If you are moving out, you may lose a few things due to whatever, who cares.  Stuff is stuff.  You are making a new life anyway.  Lighten your load.  Great rewards will come to you as you let go anything and everything that holds you to this bond now that it’s over.  Not sure it’s over?  Take this quiz to see if it’s time for a breakup.  Fill out my Exit Strategy Template so you make sure all your i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

What to do while your ex moves out:

Get your most important belongings and stay at a friend’s (who you won’t have sex with) for a week.  Keep yourself busy and let go. If your ex takes your stuff, give it time. In 3 months, you can take steps to get it back.  For now, no contact if at all possible. It’s time to start to mend that broken heart and get some help from a relationship coach. Have your friend give your ex some choices on when to come over and pack. Or you can pack their stuff up. If it’s not clear what is yours and what is his, make a pile of things to split up. If you can manage to leave a note and say, “Here’s what I would like to keep, and here’s what you can have.  If you have any discrepancies, just give it to him.  Is it really that important?

What to do when the kids are involved:

If you take any relationship advice for women, first thing is first, hire a divorce lawyer.  I know many good ones in the Colorado area.  No matter who you choose, do your homework.  To hire a lawyer is not something you do in haste. Take your time.  Depending on your situation, try to stay away from your ex and have someone else be there to pick up or drop off your kids, a friend that won’t cause more drama.  Remember, drama is not your friend. Part of you may want to get emotional, lash out, be the victim, be the oppressor.  This isn’t what you really want in the long run. Take a moment to center yourself, when you feel that way, and remember how you want to conduct yourself.  Those three traits will help keep you centered as you go through a breakup.

How to deal with social media and technology

Be the best person you can be while you dismiss him from your phone, your computer, and your life. Write down his phone number and give it to a friend. Make a pact to yourself that you will go 3 months without reaching to him.  Delete the emails that will torture you.  Decide to be kind to yourself. Yes, you will process your grief, but no, you will not make a steady diet of it. Unfriend him in every way. Don’t tell yourself that you’ll just become friends now.  Give that time and stick to your no contact policy while the wounds are fresh.

What about finances?

If you have shared finances, a good lawyer is a must. Take some time to be clear on what you want. Get online therapy and relationship counseling in order to know exactly what is fair for you and how you can compromise. Feelings get hot and heavy, but they are not what will be standing when the hurricane blows over. Ask yourself and dig deep on this one. My mother left my father and asked for nothing. She didn’t think it all the way through. If you own a home, don’t just run. Get some legal help and some mental help so you can be very clear when the time comes for decisions to be made.

These are all tough questions.


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Online therapy is a great way to stay anonymous while you mend your broken heart.  If this breakup advice helps you get over a breakup, then my purpose is served.  I want you to know that you are not alone.  Times may be tough, but keep your goals clear while you take care of yourself and you’ll be on your way to the next chapter in your life, whatever it is you wish. My desire is to give you the best relationship advice for women after a breakup.

Let us know your feedback about this blogpost, other ideas you have, and suggestions that would help those who need breakup advice.

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