Online Therapy

Online Therapy is essential when you:

  • need to know how to breakupLoneliness negative emotion concept. Young sad stressed woman lying on couch at home
  • want to know how to get over a breakup
  • need ideas on what to do after a breakup
  • are ending a relationship
  • move forward on how to deal with a breakup
  • want to know how to get over your ex

Kate Galt is a relationship coach who offers online counseling.  Online Therapy is a modern essential for those who want to process breakup grief, drama, and trauma in an anonymous way. She has put together courses, webcasts, podcasts, videos, and blogs to give you tips on how to get over a breakup, how to end a relationship in the most conscious way possible, and how to get over your ex and mend a broken heart.

The first step in Kate’s Online Therapy program is to take Course 1 of Breakup Essentials. This tool will give you a fresh new way to get started in your life.  Whether you are fresh out of a breakup, ready to end a relationship, or thinking that this isn’t your forever partner, take Course 1 and you will feel more confident, clear, and free to begin your new life. Just $9.99

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Get to know the quality of Kate’s Online Therapy work.  Receive her Courageous Lover Report. It is tailor made to offer specific relationship advice from a certified relationship coach.  You will receive an online counseling report to advise you how to proceed in your breakup transition. She will share insight on what kind of relationship is good for you, what to watch out for when you proceed forward, and how to be the most courageous lover in your own personal way. This signature online therapy report is for you if you are in a breakup transition and you are ready to start your new life. Just $19.99.

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