Make 2015 Your Bitch part 2


Goal Setting Cont…


I learned some interesting ideas to share while conducting a goal setting workshop last week. When we dream about the possibilities in each of these delicious sectors of life, we become filled with so much emotion. Hopes, dreams, wishes, and experiences in all areas of our lives abounds: Home & Family, Personal Enjoyment, Financial Abundance, Work in the World, Health & Fitness, and Spiritual & Personal Growth are what life is ALL about.


This means our heart really gets talking to our brain. And like I said… as long as we can put the Shitty Committee in the back seat, we can brew up some super exciting, comforting, meaningful, splendid, fulfilling, and smart ideas for our life-to-be.



Number 1:

 You must know yourself inside and out. It’s especially helpful for you to be curious regarding what you don’t know about yourself. For many many years, I was most assured that I knew everything there was to know about myself. I had done much spiritual work, hiked Alaska, Utah, and Colorado mountains alone, been through life threatening illnesses, and broken my heart 1000 times. I was complete in the learning department. But then I changed. And then I changed again, and then the hidden stuff I didn’t know about myself showed up and I was catapulted into an existential crisis yet again.
When we commit to knowing ourselves, we are more likely to reject nothing in our hearts, and feel it all so we can see it happening inside of ourselves. This means that we will also have more highs and more lows. It’s like being a grounded manic depressive. But it won’t feel like that in the darkest moments. We can stay grounded by learning our tools. The most important tools we can learn are about how to lasso the Shitty Committee, henceforth #2 arrives just in time to make sure it’s in order for success.


 Decide That You Are Worth It.

Number 2:

It starts with a decision that you are going to begin loving yourself like never before. I’ve been in love with myself and I’ve been in hate with myself. We ebb and flow until we’ve had enough and we make a commitment to stand up for ourselves and make the negative voices get in the back seat. We stand up for ourselves and take action to get them out of controlling us. When you commit to regularly speaking to yourself like you would your dearest sweetheart, there’s much less room for hate and an opening space for love. With practice, when times get tough and you’re used to being nice to yourself, you’ll really notice if you start beating yourself up. The contrast will come into your conscious mind. And that’s the point of getting the Shitty Commitee in the back seat. Click here to learn more about Your Shitty Committee. If you can’t recover from beating yourself up, from distorting the disappointment and blaming and shaming yourself (or others), then you will be at a stand still and those goals that are so joyous to dream up, will never become reality.


We get in our own way so much.

If you can recover from beating yourself up – the quicker, the better!


So, maybe that’s your first goal. First thing is first, if you are in your own way – and a good way to tell is if you’re inner dialogue is saying any of the following:

  • I can’t do that
  • I’m just not smart enough
  • There’s not enough time
  • They won’t like me
  • That’s a stupid idea
  • I could have done that when I was younger
  • I don’t have enough money

Let’s learn listen closely.  And when we listen consistently and truly, we begin to change those messages to positive and realistic because if we don’t, we will NEVER be able move beyond our limiting beliefs and create the BIG LIFE our HEARTS insist upon.


Click here to learn about the 4 part teleclass. I’ve got a great one coming up – a four part teleclass to get out of your own way in 2015.