Key #3 to a Drama Free Breakup

A drama free breakup is possible for you!  During a breakup, drama naturally sneaks into your life. You feel scared and disappointed when you decide to finally face the red flags. You can NOT always trust yourself to make a good decision when your ego’s deepest desire is to be safe and secure. The job of the ego is to stay safe and secure and shy away from vulnerability and change. In order to stay drama free in your breakup, listen carefully to your ego’s lies based on trying to keep you safe and secure and see them as exactly what they are, lies. Stop telling yourself lies about how you need to stay when you know in your heart and soul that it’s time to leave.

If your ego had it her way, she would go to the same supermarket, have the same job, stay in the same crummy relationship, and play in the same sandbox for the rest of time. Vulnerability, change, and courage would not exist in your life. If you want to breakthrough to a drama-free breakup, you’ll need to apply key #3. This will help you stop torturing yourself, and stand firm in your higher self in a drama free way.


Key #3 Stop Lying to Yourself

The majority of your pain and drama come from your ego’s subconscious little whispers. These ego-based desires, fears, expectations, evaluations, attachments, biases, and defenses are not who you should trust. The drama free self or the higher self is unconditional love, perennial wisdom, and healing power. As you access and act from your higher self, you make life a lot more enjoyable.

Now is the perfect time to take inventory of all the lies you have told yourself for whatever reason. Here’s an example. I used to lie to myself before my divorce. My ego would lie to me all the time about how I should stay because it was going to get better. That if I left him, I’d never meet anybody better. As you inventory your lies, be gentle with yourself, even strive for a bit of humor if I may be so bold.

You constructed these lies to feel better because when you come to terms with the changes you need to make, it’s going to be tough for a while. These lies are merely a bad habit that keep you from the life you love..

What lies have you told yourself lately? Here’s a few that may or may not resonate. They definitely won’t make logical sense. That’s not the realm of these lies. These lies are here to keep you in your miserable relationship. It’s time to make a decision to stop telling yourself these lies so you can move on toward your drama free future.

  • drama free breakup - write 3 major lies you tell yourselfI’m nothing without a man
  • If it didn’t work out with him, it won’t work out with anyone
  • The best thing I ever had is gone
  • I’m useless if I can’t keep a relationship
  • I’ll never really be truly loved
  • Nobody cares about me.
  • I can’t trust X, Y, or Z.

Get a piece of paper and pen, or share in the comments box. Write the 2 major lies that you tell yourself about your relationships, who you are, or what you deserve. Write how these lies keep you safe. Now record on paper or blog the ways these lies are keeping you from the life you love.

Choosing drama free all boils down to a decision to stop lying to yourself. When you keep your lies in the shadows and they take you by suprise, you stay in drama. Lies such as, “You’re too emotional.” “You don’t deserve a loving man.” or “You’re not strong enough to get out.” are all lies that deserve to be brought out from the shadows. When you put them in the light and face them, you are able to enter a drama free zone where you will spend less energy staying in a crummy relationship or torturing yourself right afterward. You will be able to move on to accelerate the breakup blues and reclaim the life you love!