12 Habits of Happy Women

10 years ago, I decided to choose happiness.  I was so miserable at the time, that this meant making lots of changes.  The major change was my marriage.  I knew in my gut I had to go.  After divorce, I also changed my job, my lifestyle, and my perspective.  Oh, and where I lived. This was a very good start to the beautiful life I am now honored to live. Many of my clients have also chosen happiness and I want you to choose happiness too.  Do you find yourself in a relationship that isn’t making you happy? If so, it’s time to be bold, stop waiting for someone else to make you happy and choose happiness for yourself. This might mean… more »

3 Feats to Overcome Sarcasm

Is sarcasm ruining your relationship? Have you found yourself in a sarcastic relationship where there’s a cunning undercurrent of spite and bitterness? Have you ever wondered when sarcasm became the way you communicated with this person who you used to treat so lovingly? Have you tried to overcome the habit, but find the inertia around sarcasm too strong to stop? Sarcasm drains every life force around it. My grandparent’s relationship was made of sarcastic spite and bitterness, including constant harsh judgments and blaming. Sarcasm creates behaviors such as making comments under the breath, repeating what the other says in a spiteful mimic, and slicing through the heart with harsh judgment by mocking. The belief you hold when you are being sarcastic is an overall belief thatyour partner is not enough. It’s an… more »

Get to Back to Your Center Score

Serenity Sorceress            +81  to  +131 At Peace Apprentice         +32  to  +82 Unruffled Understudy     -18  to  +31 Tranquil Tinkerer              -65  to  +17 Feel you came in at the middle of the movie?! Take a step back and Go to the QUIZ Get Back to Your Center Quiz Results: Serenity Sorceress    +81  to  +131 Way to go, it’s time to evaluate your centeredness score! For you, getting back to your center is a great habit!  This is Dali Lama land. You have worked diligently to allow your state of mind to be more important than what you’re doing. You are not likely to be shaken… more »

Get Back to Center

There are a million reasons that throw us off center during a miserable relationship and through the breakup. Take this quiz and evaluate how prepared you are to jump right back to center, to your power.  Or are you more likely to waver in limbo, forgetting who you are and having a rebound way too soon?   more »

Cultivate Awareness for an Extraordinary Life

Cultivating awareness in every day life will lead us to more peace as we grow the awareness muscle.  When we still ourselves and cultivate a quality of inner and outer ‘listening’, we create wisdom and faith.  In our striving and struggling, we forget that there is a bigger plan for us.  For me, I’ve been sleeping horribly. I felt more healthy 2 weeks ago then EVER before. Now, 2 weeks later, I feel like poop because my adrenaline is flowing for no apparent reason. My doctor says, “that’s why we call it the ART of medicine.” Life is not science. Science is not art. Sprituality is not science.   And what do Life, Spirituality, and Art all have in common?… more »