How to Break Up With Your Boyfriend: Top 10 “Must Do’s”

When you know how to break up with your boyfriend, you can rest assure that things will go as smoothly as possible. (If you fear violence will be part of the situation, that is beyond my scope of practice.  Click here for more information on that issue). For most of us, how to break up with your boyfriend is just a difficult situation that can be made easier with planning, thoughtfulness, and boundaries. There’s never a good time when ending a relationship, but you can learn the best way to break up by reading How to Break Up with Your Boyfriend: The Top 10 “Must Do’s”   Take this relationship advice so that you make a choice to improve your life…. more »

How Can You Mend a Broken Heart in 90 Days or Less

It’s easy to know  HOW CAN YOU MEND A BROKEN HEART IN 90 DAYS OR LESS by escaping with sex, alcohol, or whatever else helps you to from facing reality.  But it won’t help for long.  What will get you out of your pattern for attracting the wrong lover and into a flow of love, passion, and long-lasting sweetness is to take the time to find out who you are and what you want while you end this chapter and begin a new chapter. Read through the steps of my online ‘blog’ therapy below.  You can always ask anonymous in-person questions as I am available for 15 minute to 60 minute relationship help by clicking here. Read below to find out… more »

How to Breakup & Top 10 Tips for Ending a Relationship

There are many ways to learn how to breakup.  As the Breakup Expert, here are also the top 10 tips for ending a relationship.  My tribe has learned that in order to do this part of your life in the right way, you need to blend the amount of activity you do with sitting around and feeling.  If there’s too much action, you get frenzied and ungrounded.  If there’s too much sitting around, you get bogged down and depressed.  The secret to ending a relationship is to balance these ways of living.  If you are not sure of whether to stay or go, take this relationship test. The best relationship advice I can give you is to stay present with… more »

Relationship Advice for Women…What to Do After a Breakup. No Contact After Breakup is Key

Relationship Advice for Women – Know What to Do After a Breakup Are you seeking breakup advice because you are getting over a breakup? Straight from the Breakup Expert, relationship advice for women Take this relationship advice for women if you wonder what to do after a breakup.  No contact after a breakup is the key. That can be tricky if one of you needs to move out or you have children together.  If neither of those apply to you, consider yourself free to do what needs to be done and stop contact right away to begin to mend a broken heart.  If your life is a little more complicated and enmeshed with your ex, don’t fear, you can get… more »