“You have enormous energy and endurance at your disposal, although you may appear timid or unsure of yourself, since your power urge is likely to be repressed. It may be that you have had many painful experiences with authority. As a result of these experiences, you may fear the expression of your own personal power, and alternate between complying with the standards of society around you, or rebelling against them”

Step 1: Advice from Coach Kate:

Be like a peacock. The peacock’s best resource is to show off and be beautiful. Your power comes from knowing that what you say and do is important to the people who cross your path. When you feel beautiful and powerful in your word and action, you will use that enormous energy and endurance to enhance your life and others.


You may avoid situations where a direct confrontation seems to be brewing. Another manifestation of this aspect, perhaps paradoxically, is the ability to lead and be willful, to not take "no for an answer", to be ruthless in accomplishing one's aims. A better level of integration produces a newly self-assured personality whereby you do not depend on others neither to fully express your own desires, nor to be swayed by theirs. When you have integrated the walled-off places in your psyche that inhibit action on the part of your whole entire self, you are available to yourself in situations of leadership, as well as in truly helping other people.


Step 2: Advice from Coach Kate:

It is difficult to have hard conversations in your life, and not to just run or hide out so the tension dissipates, instead. But this is important for you. When you learn to have these conversations, you will gain deeper connections, instead of grow more distant from your important relationships. Here’s how:

  1. Find your intention around the difficult topic. What do you want to say – things like, “It hurt me when you…” or, I have a request that you…”.
  2. Be open to hearing what they have to say. Give them plenty of room to speak and listen with your heart.
  3. Find a mutually compatible solution 4. Be specific on how it will be actionable in the next week.

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