How to Get Over an Ex in 90 Days or Less. It Could Be Easier Than You Think

When You Know How to Get Over an Ex, You Can Quickly Mend a Broken Heart

Getting over an ex is easy with these 3 techniques

Read this and learn how to get over him or how to get over her in 90 days or less

How to get over an ex is probably all you can think about right now.  It Could Be Easier Than You Think.  Part of you wants to make up a story about how you will never find love again, how you may never want to find love again, and how this pain will never go away.  WARNING!  Do not believe this part of you.  It is a voice that is strong, but it is not the force.  This voice is completely obsessed with the routine you have come to know.  It wants everything to stay the same so it feels safe.  This voice does not like change at all.  The unfortunate news is that you can’t censor this voice.  You will have to learn to live with it.  The voice that says “You’re nothing without her.” OR “This breakup is going to hurt so badly” OR “You will never get over him” is sabotaging your life!  We will name this voice ‘Debbie Downer’  Your ex also has this voice.  We all do.  Read on to learn how to get over an ex for good.


Month 1 after a Breakup – Practice getting over an ex through meditation:

Practice getting over an ex through meditation.  Whatever story ‘Debbie Downer’ has convinced you about how meditation isn’t for you, let that go.  If you are an experienced practitioner, it’s your time to dive even deeper.  If you’re a beginner, I promise, it gets easier to quiet your mind AND the benefits are endless.  You can control your thoughts once you progress as a meditator.  To control your thoughts is the key to getting over an ex, especially when your thoughts want to tell you how ugly you are, how old you are, how you’ll never have kids, how you should have done this or that, or how you are somehow unloveable.  I repeat:


During the first month after a breakup, as you learn how to get over an ex, practice a morning and an evening meditation to allow your thou
ghts to disappear into a cloudless sky.  In your mind’s eye, imagine each thought is a cloud.  These clouds are completely normal, it just so happens that today is a bluebird day, without a cloud in the sky because you are in control.  When you realize you are thinking about something, turn it into a cloud and allow it to float into the ethers.  Set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes and get to it.  Don’t worry yourself with details of where, how, and what.  Sit. Stand. Lie down. Outside. Inside. Who Cares.  Just get to it

I made a special meditation for you if you are mending a broken heart. Download at no charge below:

Breakup Essentials Meditations

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Note: It may feel like you are doing noting, but trust me, this is the most important thing you will DO for yourself all day.

Month 2 after a Breakup – Record your positive thinking and listen to yourself:

The first month is all about noticing and allowing the thoughts (that the hex of the ex tells you) to dissolve into a bluebird sky in your minds eye.  This month, you continue your morning and evening meditations and you add an important technique which will help you learn how to get over an ex in 90 days or less.  This is a positive thought technique mentioned in many quantum physics books such as, “How to Visualize” by Shakti Guawain and “Think Yourself Rich”.  You are on month 2, so you’re halfway there.  It’s time to learn how to visualize positive outcomes as you are getting over your ex.  Do this.  Record yourself o
n your phone.  Title it.  How I Got Over my Ex in 90 Days or Less.  Lead yourself through your own positively inspiring meditation!  It goes something like this:

Dear ‘Kate’  (state your name in 3rd person so you can hear yourself say your name).  /There is some good quantum magic when you hear yourself say your own name./  “CONGRATULATIONS! You have made it one month.  You are well on your way about how to get over him or how to get over her.  Look how far you have come with consistent practice on your meditation.  I am so proud of you.  Getting over an ex really is easier than you think.  WONDERFUL!  I feel great.  I feel whole without him or her.  My life now unfolds in magical ways I can only imagine.  I am excited about my future.  I live every day to its fullest.

The secret to making this work is fooling yourself until you believe it, unless you already believe it, Then it’s super easy!  Some days I believe my positive intentions.  Some days I don’t believe it, but I fake it so that I can keep the positive vibes to attract the life I visualize.  The power of this is truly amazing.  When you combine continuous self confidence and add a strong, clear vision for what you want, you are unstoppable.  So fake the visions until you believe them and feel them as real.  Smile, imagine your success as if it’s already happened.  Keep practicing even if it feels forced.  Think of what you’re already grateful for to get you in the positive mood, and keep shining that light on your vision.  You will be leaps and bounds ahead after you practice this for a month.  I recommend to listen to yourself at least once a day, twice if you can make time.  Listen in your car or listen upon waking and sleeping, before or after your mediation.  It doesn’t matter.  Get started now!

Month 3 after a Breakup – Name your goals:

You are getting the techniques of how to get over an ex!  Now you’ve got positive thinking and meditation down.  It’s time to get some evidence of all your consistent work!  Write down 3 measurable and realistic goals you would like to see come true by the end of the month.  These are baby steps.  Look for evidence that your techniques are working, so you keep momentum and stay in the mindset of getting over an ex.  Here’s an example of 3 goals my client had last week:

  1. Take a new class about something I don’t know, but am interested in (Salsa, computers, meet up group)
  2. Declutter my closet
  3. Start the search for a new job

When you begin to take actions, after you have taken 2 months to get in the right mindset, you will be amazed at the graces that shine upon you.  Write these down after a meditation session.  Your mind, body, and soul will be more clear.  Remember, think positively.  See these goals unfolding before you.  If you are going through all these motions, and things aren’t working, set up a 15 minute Breakthrough Strategy Session (phone consult) with me and we will get to the core of the issue.

  How to Get Over an Ex is easier than you think.

Time is your friend.  After 90 days, you will feel so much better as you apply these 3 techniques.  Show yourself you have the discipline and you will gain momentum due to more self confidence.  Momentum is an ally, so keep it up!  I am so proud of you and you should be so proud of yourself.  This is a special time to pay attention to the new chapter of your life as it unfolds before you.


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How to get over an exNow you know how to get over an ex in 90 days or less!

When you know how to get over him or how to get over her, you will expedite the process, lessen the pain, and increase your personal power to do anything you desire in your life.  Breakup therapy gives you the support you need.  Let us know your feedback about this blogpost, other ideas you have, and suggestions that would help those who need breakup advice.

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