How to Get Over a Breakup in 90 Days or Less From the Breakup Expert

Do you think you know how to get over a breakup in 90 Days or Less?  When your broken heart is so painful, it feels like you will never move on.  As the Breakup Expert, I promise, dealing with a breakup seems like a bigger deal at first.  The more days you get behind you, you will feel better, as you follow these simple steps.  In 90 days, you will feel like a new, excited, alive, and whole person without your ex.

It takes time and patience, but you’ve got a lot of time now.  Getting over a breakup can be a lot easier once you decide to commit to yourself.  Do this first.  Say to yourself, “Dear self.  It’s time to put me first, it’s not selfish.  I am showing self love.  If I’m happy, my life will be better.  Happy times will be all around me!  Therefore, dear self, it’s okay to put me first.”  This will help you accomplish the steps of how to get over a breakup.  If you are unsure that you should have broken up in the first place, take this Relationship Test to make yourself feel better.

Let’s begin!

The first step of GETTING OVER A BREAKUP is this:



You are serious about moving on to your happy place, you need to be committed to yourself.  It may be uncomfortable for a while.  Change usually is.  But this is step number one for a reason.  You must do it, so you can take great care and nurture the new you that you are stepping in to.  One mishap and you will take many steps back.  I promise.  Right after a breakup, one text, one phone call, one accidental run-in, and you’re back to square one, emotionally.  When you are dealing with a fresh breakup, it’s okay to be super careful to stay away.  You are not cruel or evil.  Self love is what you are showing.  Self love will be what will assist you to find a higher caliber of new love when you are ready.  I emphasize, for the first three months, you are not ready yet.

Let’s review:  No contact for three months.  Unfacebook, Unsocial media, take the phone number out, no texting, agree (if possible) on places you get to go and places your ex gets to go that won’t lead to a run-in.  If you belong to the same gym, I suggest going to a new one.  If that’s not an option, get your schedules settled.  If your ex won’t agree, it’s up to you to make sure you take care of yourself.  I have a Private Facebook Group if you need some loving support while you enforce your no contact policy!

Don’t Drunk Dial!

*if you drink, I have found this is the most vulnerable point in the no contact policy you made to yourself.  Think on the possibility of not drinking for 90 days to reset your habits and behavior.  If you must drink, give your phone to a friend for the evening, stay with a buddy, and make sure you don’t ‘accidentally’ drunk dial or drunk text your ex.


Be kind to your heart, take some stillness, and have a listen to my gift to you: Breakup Essential Meditations!

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Along my journey as the Breakup Expert, I went through a particularly harsh breakup.  I drove to health food stores all over Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah as a consultant.  It was a lot of driving and quite difficult to keep my mind busy.  I found my self thinking way too much about who and what I had lost, what I didn’t have, the good times we had.  I knew in my gut, the breakup was the right move, I just had too much idle time to second guess myself.  My solution came when a relationship coach told me I should keep busy, so instead of deliberating on my situation, I listened to audio books and nixed the songs that reminded me of my ex.

The busier you stay for the first three months, hopefully doing tasks that help you get over a breakup, chocked full of self care, the better off you will be at the end of the 90 days.  Take courses, travel, exercise, join groups, find new interests.  No dating!  Allow yourself the time to heal your broken heart.  Take my Courageous Lover Kit to keep yourself busy so you can create the confidence you need to get through the breakup, enjoy who you are, and have more fun in your next relationship.


KG-Thumbnail-1200x1200The Courageous Lover Kit

My biggest wish for you is to help you through this breakup transition with ease, courage, and trust.
Take the next step with me, through your breakup transition.
When you take this Courageous Lover Journey and invest in the Kit, you take a stand for your life and your direction. This means that you aren’t out there floating to any guy who’ll pay attention to you or any lover who makes you feel special for a moment. You’ll take charge of your life and speak up for your happiness. You’ll develop a deeper sense of discernment so you no longer waste your time.

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A buddy is a friend who you will not be having sex with, EVER.  This buddy will help you because you will ask for their help.  Here’s the main things you want to ask them:

*Please help me get through this relationship?  For the first 90 days, I’ll need you more, and it will taper off from there.  When I’m needy and sad, will you hold my hand without judgement?  (State your request in an honest, clear, and vulnerable way).

*Can I call you once a day or text you a few times a day to check in, trusting that I’m not alone, and I can reach so you can remind me that I am strong?  (Get clear on how much communication is okay with your buddy).

*Will you be honest with me if I am not succeeding on my chosen route of getting over a breakup? (Let them know they can give you feedback about your process in a loving way).

how to get over a breakup

Now you know how to get over a breakup in 90 days or less!

These 3 steps are paramount in giving yourself time, love, and confidence to find the courage and strength as you are dealing with a breakup.  Breakup therapy gives you the support you need.  Let us know your feedback about this blogpost, other ideas you have, and suggestions that would help those who need breakup advice.

Check out my Instagram Page with lots of healing tips from me, the Breakup Expert.  Being a breakup coach is my favorite thing to do because you can move beyond these hard times into a more loving and happier person.  Now you can choose the life you love.  It just takes time, self love, and support.

Breakup or not, it’s important to know how you show up as a lover.  Are you courageous?  Do you say what needs to be said, with love?  Are you lazy?  Could you make your next relationship more fun?  How would you do it in your way?  Find out now and get your Tailored Courageous Lover Report Here.


The Courageous Lover | ReportThe Courageous Lover Report

Don’t you think it’s a pivotal time to reflect on who you are and how you show up as a lover? This reflection will save you unnecessary drama and wasted time when making the breakup transition. That’s why I created the Courageous Lover Report.

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Kate, The Breakup Expert helps people in the “How” to get over a breakup part of a relationship. Kate is a certified relationship coach and has helped 100’s of people in this effort.

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