How to Breakup & Top 10 Tips for Ending a Relationship

There are many ways to learn how to breakup.  As the Breakup Expert, here are also the top 10 tips for ending a relationship.  My tribe has learned that in order to do this part of your life in the right way, you need to blend the amount of activity you do with sitting around and feeling.  If there’s too much action, you get frenzied and ungrounded.  If there’s too much sitting around, you get bogged down and depressed.  The secret to ending a relationship is to balance these ways of living.  If you are not sure of whether to stay or go, take this relationship test.

The best relationship advice I can give you is to stay present with your urges and allow yourself to feel what the right thing to do will be.  For instance, I really want to call my ex.  Okay.  Sit with it.  Ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1.  How do I feel when I think about acting on this urge?
  2. What will likely be the outcome tomorrow?
  3. What will happen if I wait 24 hours and see how the urge morphs?
  4. What’s the hurry?
  5. What is the best decision I can make regarding this urge?

When you take your time to act and balance the feeling and the doing together, you will master the are of how to break up and the sun will shine upon you!  You will be rewarded with extra energy, increased confidence, and better overall situations.

How to Breakup



These tips are quickly applied and easy to follow.  Do your best, be gentle and kind, but firm.  When you let them go, remember you are doing them a favor by staying out of a stagnant situation.  Keep the river flowing and heal your broken heart.

1. No Contact for 90 days

This means no cell phone, no social media, no accidental run-ins.  Draw up a plan together that emphasizes the impact of seeing each other.  Neither one of you wants to deal with the pain so early on.  Treat yourself right without giving in to urges that don’t serve you and stay away.  Start your new life.  Make a few new friends.

2. No Sex with anyone for at least 30 days

It’s tempting for some of us to want to be physically close to another to forget our ex.  In the long run, this urge never serves you.  You end up feeling unfulfilled, and in an awkward situation.  Do yourself a favor, take this relationship tip even if you don’t want to take it.  I promise, it’s great breakup advice.

3. Decide the closure you need

Do you need a ceremony?  My ex husband and I met at our favorite park, cried our eyes out, said a few words (didn’t draw it out), and were on our way.  It was super sad, but the closure helped us master the art of how to breakup.  We went on our way with a touch stone to end on.

4.  Ask your ex what closure he or she needs

Have a conversation and ask them.  If it aligns with your values, give them what they need to say goodbye.  During one breakup, I made the mistake of continuing in my sports community, even though he asked me not to.  He needed closure by not seeing me there, but I didn’t know how to breakup… yet.  Do what you can and honor their request.

5. Be sure of your decision

Regrets stink.  What do you need to know to understand that it’s really over?  Have you gotten relationship therapy.  If you need time with me, I offer by the minute online therapy. Click here for more information.

6. No alcohol or drugs for at least 30 days

Reset your clock for a new chapter.  Plus, transitions are hard and going backward is not an option.  When you compromise your integrity by going back on your word, you betray yourself.  Alcohol and drugs keep you from standing strong.  They make your mind weak, and you make a decision or act on an urge that you will regret later.  Drinking can be fun, but this is not the time, yet.  It’s a depressant, remember.  You don’t need any extra reasons to be depressed.

7. Get breakup therapy

It’s the best support there is.  Find someone who is trained in how to have difficult conversations, how to deal with grief and loss, how to deal with transitions.  It is a great investment for your future, because when you deal with your issues, you clear up energy for better things to come along!  Click the link for the different ways you can work with me here.

8. Travel alone to another country

How to Breakup

Save your money and plan a trip to a place you have always wanted to go.  You will get out of your head, form a new perspective on the world, and celebrate your independence.  For me, I traveled extensively in my 20’s and early 30’s.  Now that I have a family, I don’t get out as much, so that early travel was crucial to the person I have become today.  If you’re 40 or over and you can get out of the country, go for it!  It’s great medicine for transition.  It will be lonely sometimes, but you will learn more about yourself than if you stayed at home on your couch.

9. Write in your journal each day and join a like-minded communityHow to Breakup

Relationship advice, breakup therapy, and online counseling are wonderful, but the therapist isn’t always available by phone for you.  Make your journal your therapist during long nights when you feel yucky.  When I journal, it helps me clear my head, get my thought sorted, and move forward.  Make a community your support, too.  I have an online community that you can draw wisdom from here.

10. Let yourself dream about your new chapter

As you are ending a relationship, you learn how to breakup and take a stand for you new life.  What do you want next?  What mistakes will you never make again?  Read books like, “You are a Badass”, and “Be Here Now”.  Learn yoga, meditation, financial freedom, or the art of seduction.  There’s so many different ways we can be and things we can do in this world.  Seize the day!


How to Breakup


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 Now that you are even more versed in ways to take care of yourself while you practice how to breakup, let me know your process.  What did you learn?  What did you try?  Capture the essence of your transition in a haiku and share it with me! 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables)
Here’s some Breakup Quotes in Haiku form:
I hated the end.
Crying, Sadness, pouring out.
But it was the time.
I wanted freedom.
Now I know how to breakup.
Life is waiting.