How Can You Mend a Broken Heart in 90 Days or Less

It’s easy to know  HOW CAN YOU MEND A BROKEN HEART IN 90 DAYS OR LESS by escaping with sex, alcohol, or whatever else helps you to from facing reality.  But it won’t help for long.  What will get you out of your pattern for attracting the wrong lover and into a flow of love, passion, and long-lasting sweetness is to take the time to find out who you are and what you want while you end this chapter and begin a new chapter.

Read through the steps of my online ‘blog’ therapy below.  You can always ask anonymous in-person questions as I am available for 15 minute to 60 minute relationship help by clicking here.

Read below to find out the steps to HOW CAN YOU MEND A BROKEN HEART IN 90 DAYS OR LESS:


You know there are forces out there that you can lean into that don’t have anything to do with figuring out what happened.  Closure is nice, but if it didn’t happen to you, do your best to relax into having no answer.  It is what I call, ‘being in the question.’  We have become dependent on KNOWING.  Google it.  Look it up.  Ask a relationship therapist, rack your brain late at night, why, why why.  To no avail – the harder you try, the more the answers evade you.  You look on your phone at past communication, why? Why did this happen to me?  How can you mend a broken heart in 90 days or less when you think that you are the only one responsible for your fate.  There is a great mother earth and a great father sky to take care of you, too.


A relationship coach is a wonderful thing to have around while you are in crisis mode.  You may not know your financial situation clearly as you mend your broken heart through separating all your belongings, but it’s a great investment to speed up the process so you can get started with your new chapter.  I love to provide online therapy during those long nights where you might forget about step one, you might forget to have faith and that this will not be forever.  I have free quizzes that you take while you choose something different than to call your ex or go through your past communication on email.  You can also check out my youtube to get your mindset to grieve, heal, and move on.

You have friends who would be honored to spend time with you in your sweet and vulnerable state.  Be clear that you don’t want to receive advice, you just want to be with them and have tea, take a walk, clean something, shop if you must.  How can you mend a broken heart in 90 days or less when someone is telling you what you should do?  Do something that makes you feel good about yourself, not like you are so high strung that you have to keep running from one thing to the next so you don’t face your reality.  You want to be still more often than is comfortable.  Take this sacred time to develop a new plan for you life, and to remember your unseeable guides, while you talk with good and kind friends.  Insight Timer is a lovely app full of guided mediations and relaxation audios that you will find helpful now.


You will find yourself going over the best and worst parts of your relationship – the things they said, the things they didn’t say.  There’s nothing wrong with waxing sentimentally at times, just don’t make it a steady diet.  For instance, if you have thought about your ex, and it’s got you feeling BROKEN HEARTED for more than 20 minutes, it’s time to change the story.  How can you mend a broken heart in 90 days or less when you’re obsessively looking at your emails back and forth to your ex.

Yes, I am asking you to be creative here, to pretend for a moment that you have moved on.  It’s a trick to rewire your brain and will help you mend a broken heart in less than 90 days.  Put on a different outfit that you have never worn before.  Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself the following, Whether you’re a guy or a girl, you have a sweetheart.  Say, “Dear Sweetheart, you have opened your heart the best you could.  It didn’t work for whatever reason.  How much does the reason matter now?  Yes, it hurts.  Yes you will learn. You will now feel the feeling of hurt without blowing up the stories to make you wrong or to make your ex wrong.”  Its bigger than that, it’s about breaking free of a pattern that hasn’t served you in a long time.


I try not to sound too grave here, but there has come a time in our society where we must now feel our feelings.  We are used to swiping them aside until they sneak up on us.  If you don’t grieve now, your grief will come out in the form of disease, social weirdness, and/or random indescribable twitches and glitches in your future life.

The first step to properly grieve and mend a broken heart, is to sit still and journal or talk to a breakup coach and get your feelings identified and processed.  Again, the story helps you access your feelings, but it’s not meant to put you in a state of overwhelm.  You feel a mini-part of the story, leave the story behind, and move forward to what the feeling wants you to know in the moment.  Many times, my clients have a lifting sensation once the feeling is processed.  They are better able to move on from that part of their grief once it’s properly processed.  Learn this now and you will have an easier and healthier life.

Now you know HOW CAN YOU MEND A BROKEN HEART in 90 DAYS or LESS.  If you have yet to move on and you want to, check out my post on How to Breakup With Your Boyfriend: Top 10 Must Do’s.

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