Give Your Active Mind a Rest

It’s been called to my attention that we tend to be a neurotic society. Our egos have been on high power for many decades more and more as the industrial age reminds us what we need to buy each half-second of each waking and sleeping hour.


There is great danger here for us, because love doesn’t exist in the pushing, and the forcing, and the reacting. No good comes when we aren’t being truly aligned with what we believe. When we act mindlessly or just do what we think we’re supposed to, we can’t take actions that make us happy or inspire us.


So let’s stop the frequency and make a decision to be hungry for authentic action. And how do we create more authentic action?
ego spirit pic


By slowing down, getting clear with our values, and practicing passive mind we can create more authentic action. Because, here’s the war going on…




Challenge yourself to slow your active analytical mind down and let things be for a while. Get into passive mind. Some meditate, some knit, some take a run, some just breathe, some do aikido. Whatever it is you like to do, it’s important for the health of the world to do more of it. If we can slow down, realize why we do more of what we do, we can open our hearts to more love of ourselves and others. Compassion and wisdom are side effects of passive mind.


Question the daily motions your making. Ask yourself where they come from. Ask yourself how you can do them from a more inspired place. Thank you for letting me share this. Share this with your sphere for the sake of caring, aware, and loving emergence.