Cultivate Awareness for an Extraordinary Life

Cultivating awareness in every day life will lead us to more peace as we grow the awareness muscle.  When we still ourselves and cultivate a quality of inner and outer ‘listening’, we create wisdom and faith.  In our striving and struggling, we forget that there is a bigger plan for us.  For me, I’ve been sleeping horribly. I felt more healthy 2 weeks ago then EVER before. Now, 2 weeks later, I feel like poop because my adrenaline is flowing for no apparent reason. My doctor says, “that’s why we call it the ART of medicine.” Life is not science. Science is not art. Sprituality is not science.


And what do Life, Spirituality, and Art all have in common? Uncertainty. Chaos.  Beauty.

The most beautiful things in our lives, the reasons why we love and desire, are all drenched in uncertainty.  And we get up and do it all over again with or without sleep.  Commit to being aware of your inner and outer life. Commit to being aware of the judgments and fear. But please, also commit to letting them be.

I have this bad habit that comes in the sleepless night. I keep asking myself why. Why? Why? Why? There is no answer. But we have built a fortress on proving why. Science is fun. It’s fun to be certain of these absolute truths. But it won’t make us happy.  And it won’t always save our lives. My husband has decided to remind me that it doesn’t serve me to ask why in those sleepless, desperate moments. They just are. We just are. We are here for only a short time. The best thing we can do is to be aware. It’s a noticing that brings us stillness. That stillness brings us peace more than any scientific wandering or plea.


I invite you to strengthen your awareness muscles this week. Stand still in your body. Set your timer for 1 minute. 60 seconds. Feel the wind on your face, the sun on your head, smell the spring buried deep in the earth, notice the pure colors of the earth. See the geese fly by. Listen to the wind chimes, laugh at the uncertainty of it all and breathe. This is your life. You want it to be extraordinary. Take charge of that fact now by being fully present a little more today.


Awareness will be built one moment at a time.

The more you practice, it will remind you of who you are. It will give you love if you let it. It will open your heart to the things that matter today. It will be your guide. Tell yourself that you are ready to be more aware. The window will open as you are still. And the rewards are free! No money down. And barely any time is needed in each moment.

Then you will find yourself noticing things you never would notice before. You will notice when you don’t’ want something and change it sooner. You will notice when you DO want something because it will aid in your extraordinary life and you will move toward it.

With awareness, you magnetize yourself to luck, joy, and wisdom.

I’ll take it. Will you?


When you become aware, you allow your life to be.

This is joy.