Creativity is Not Optional. Feed Your Spirit.

Do you ever notice more how loud your ego screams when you stretch out of your comfort zone?  For many of us, we gave creativity up after school. Perfectionism made me quit. And my limited thinking about the definition of creativity also shut my creativity down. I used to think creativity existed in only a few forms. To paint, play music, or sculpt were about it in the creativity department from my limited perspective. I had a limited view on creativity because that’s what ART class told me. As an adult, no one gave me permission to get wild and crazy regarding my personal creativity. That’s why I’m reminding you today. There are no limits or rules to what creativity is to YOU.

Nonetheless, my creative urges never quit. They kept calling me forth. And my spirit felt empty when I wasn’t creating as much. Our spirit loves to create things. It gets fed this way. Don’t you feel it? And for me, it’s the first thing on the list that dwindles, as I get busy.

Boost your priority for creativity in order to to exist in your spark, aliveness, and purpose.  Imagination is a great place to begin creating.

From there, you can take it into a physical form. Think for a moment about your imagination. You use your imagination all the time to create the life you want. When you desire something – a career you love, a romance, financial abundance, adventure. It is abundantly important to be able to imagine desires in order to manifest them into your life. This takes lots and lots and lots of imagination to start!


Your creative heart is itching to express. The first step is to open to your imagination. Has yours been hijacked by your ego or by someone else’s naysaying? Through the years, chances are it’s been compromised somehow with limiting beliefs coming from lack, distrust, or judgment.


Take your imagination and creativity to the next level this week. For the next week, focus on setting your imagination free. This is an inside job you do by yourself. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t imagine something, not the little gremlin inside your head, or your mother. Imagination is for your eyes only this week, while you allow it to express what it’s been longing to become. You can share with others later. I want you to get it strong and sturdy before take it out for a ride with others.


I see it as a muscle. The more you work with it, the more it works for you. How do we start? The subconscious mind loves to imagine things. A great place we use our imagination is in our dreams. Let’s start there. As you lay down to sleep, allow yourself some time to imagine something awesome that makes you feel super good. Last night I re-imagined this cool basement with perfect lighting and a fish tank. It came from a childhood dream that I often draw off of. I imagined it so vividly, that I could see the color of the carpet. I could feel how cool, comfortable, and relaxed I was becoming. Letting your imagination create positive feelings really serves you when it comes to manifesting. I fell asleep, thinking positively and creatively. This served me because my subconscious mind fed off of that fantasy to have good dreams into the night. I didn’t worry or fret at all.


And when I awoke, I had an urge to keep creating. It’s catchy. Being artsy sounds very appealing to me. I love to go to the street fairs and see all the artisans making whatever they make – birdhouses, notecards, soap, honey, and lotion. You name it. Once you begin to create, it spirals up your energy, your vibration, and your increased inspiration to create more. Once you’re in the spiral, you can’t lose. It’s such a refreshing place to learn and grow.


What do you want to create? It can be anything. It can be a video, a mandala with colored pencils (one of my favorite ways), a soufflé, a table, a business, a dress, an idea, a journal, an imaginary life, a silly song, earrings, and a love letter. The possibilities are truly endless. It feels good to tap into the possibilities. I wrote this blog because this is the part of my life that needs some healthy infusion right now.


I commit for the next week, to create, create, and create some more. I will make 3 mandalas, 2 more blogs, and 3 newsletters. I will take walks in nature to spark my creativity, and I will eat my food slowly to feel the sensations in my body. All these things will enhance my creativity. But the number 1 thing I commit to doing this week is to get conscious about my thoughts and desires 5 minutes before I go to bed so that I can fluff up my positive creations and create more momentum. What do you commit to regarding your creativity?