Conviction is the Missing Ingredient to Success

I write this with an aha-moment lingering from an hour ago. I just went and spoke with a roomful lovely women about balancing the mind with less analyzing and more passive slowing down of the mind. I came out of there on fire, feeling the effect on them as I lived my passion through my talk. They were right with me the entire talk, and I could feel them stepping into their own slow deliberate knowing. But there was more. ..


Kid with convictionI was very happy and quite honored at receiving their time and attention – and their gift of banana bread was happily devoured. But this is my time and my investment. When do I ask for the dollar? When it’s time to lead people who are excited to be led where I want to take them, I play small. Up until now…


Well, I say no more playing small! All I had to say was, “I see you all are loving this direction we’re going. Well, this is only the tip of the iceberg. I have a system in place that gets great results. I take people from overwhelm to peace and serenity through a proprietary process that I created. And the best thing is – it works! For me, coaching is easy, and selling coaching is hard.


What is hard for you to do? And is conviction the answer? Showing up, taking risks, and stretching out of your comfort zone have abundant reward – financial, spiritual, physical, emotional – you name it! Having conviction can help pull you through.


I am a courageous person. I know this. But sometimes I hide. I don’t even realize I’m hiding. When something isn’t working, it’s time to step out of hiding and add some conviction. I talked to my coach, who sees my blind spots so well, and he modeled conviction to remind me to infuse myself with this missing ingredient. He knows it’s in there! He’s seen me stare people down (while coaching, not selling) and declare their worthiness in a meeting. I can fight for you. I have a hard time fighting for myself. That is yet another reason why people need each other. My coach is teaching me to fight for myself. And I WILL learn.


What do you want for 2015? How are you going to get it? As you infuse conviction in your goals, you will get ahead much quicker. Here’s my definition of conviction. It’s a 2-parter. First, conviction is to trust your passionate clear vision. Second, conviction must be transferred. This is the part I find takes lots of practice – lots of messy, lots of failing. But this is the ‘through’ to the way of power, actualizing your potential, and reaping your rewards!


Make a goal for 2015. Don’t wait. Hire me to blow that goal wider than you dreamt possible. You’ll be so happy you did because an even more fulfilling life, an even bigger way to think is waiting for you. You’ll taste it in our first session together. And you’ll head toward it with confidence and conviction. That is all.