Coaching for Emerging Leaders

Don’t Let Life Pass You By

Your Most Precious Resource is the Next 24 Hours.

Work with me, and you will get the important stuff done.  Your daily routine will be crisp and clear and motivating.  You will no longer waste time.  You will enjoy quiet, speed, adventure, chaos, and best of all – YOU WILL FULLY ENJOY YOURSELF.

If you think the following is awesome and you want to taste more of it in your daily life…

  • Increased resourcefulness & productivity
  • Super effective time management skills
  • Clearer, more conscious decision making skills
  • More creativity & less stress
  • A Realistic but positive mindset
  • To have the true presence of a leader
  • More connection to spirituality & meaning in life, death, & hard times
  • An improved self-awareness & overall self confidence that can be shaken by nothing
  • To make money from your innovative ideas
  • Have time and patience with your kids
  • More fun and enjoyment in daily life



Kate Galt Coach, Learn how to handle it all with grace“Kate is a fierce and powerful force that gently guided me to my truth. She didn’t take anything away from me, she added to my experience with brilliant insight. ~ Jerry

Coaching is for people who want an even better life.  It does not mean your your life is broken. This specialized training is for those who are ready to attain the future of their dreams.  This is the stuff they never taught in school.  

If you’re satisfied with the status quo, then this is not the time for me.  If you’re ready to reach out and create a goal and do your damnedest to stick with it, I’m your person.  This is the best gift you can give to yourself because you only have this one life to live.  

If you’re the type of client I can do my best work with, I know you want it to be great and I know you want your life to be big and full and juicy and rich!  I’ve got the formula and I can’t wait to share.