How to Get Over a Breakup in 90 Days or Less From the Breakup Expert

Do you think you know how to get over a breakup in 90 Days or Less?  When your broken heart is so painful, it feels like you will never move on.  As the Breakup Expert, I promise, dealing with a breakup seems like a bigger deal at first.  The more days you get behind you, you will feel better, as you follow these simple steps.  In 90 days, you will feel like a new, excited, alive, and whole person without your ex. It takes time and patience, but you’ve got a lot of time now.  Getting over a breakup can be a lot easier once you decide to commit to yourself.  Do this first.  Say to yourself, “Dear self.  It’s… more »

3 Tools to help you pick the right guy this time

Your picker is NOT broken! Up until now, you’ve just been hasty. Your motivation was not coming from that calm, confident and inspired center inside you. The 3 tools that I am about to share with you will not only help you get calm, confident and inspired, but they will make it easy to pick the right guy this time. The best part? To make these tools work for you, you don’t even have to join a dating site! There’s too much pressure there anyway. Just get out into your community and participate in activities that you enjoy. Play a sport, take a salsa lesson or read a book at the bookstore… and as you do, be sure to integrate… more »

Why People Don’t Take Advice

There’s a lot of advice being thrown around these days, probably always has been. I wonder if there’s more nowadays due to the information age. Opinions are available 24/7. Everybody is the expert.   There’s pregnancy advice, business advice, parenting advice, fashion advice, love advice, advice column advice, advice for advice. When I say ‘advice’, I mean spoken and written. This advice comes from people who care about being the expert. Maybe their intentions are good. Maybe they just want you to do what they say so they can feel better about themselves. But with the advice I’m talking about that people don’t take, it’s given with some attachment to the outcome. From the advisor’s perspective, if you don’t take… more »