5 Ways to Get Unstuck from your Slump

Thinking big. Is it easy for you? Strategizing daily. Is it easy for you? This week, I did a 15 minute talk on the qualities we want to develop in order to step more deeply into an extraordinary life. To start, there’s an underlying hunger that is in our nature to be great, to progress into someone more meaningful than just ourselves. This is an innate quality of the people I work with, coachable people who want it all and can’t help it. That part is a given.   The other 2 parts I will discuss are 2 sides of a coin. There are those who are great big thinkers and there are those that are great daily doers. To… more »

I Hate the Holidays

I’m a Creature of Habit. I like certainty and I like routine. And I hate the holidays for this reason. And I love my daughter.  She’s out of school for 2 weeks and we’ve both had about enough of each other. I’ve fed her breakfast, but she’s hungry. And since I’ve written this first paragraph, she’s said, “mom?” 4 times already. I don’t have 24 hours a day to give to her. My mother is 2 weeks out of complete knee replacement here in Boulder and I’m her caretaker. My husband really does his share, but I feel so fucking pulled in every direction right now. And I want some routine!! And it’s zero degrees outside, so running through the… more »