Your New Life Awaits

Let’s face it.  Your breakup is a big transition. While you aren’t who you used to be, you’re not who you will become yet either.  You are caught in the middle—somewhere between uncertainty, potential, doubt, and hope.  But trust that your new life does await. After a breakup, you are different.  Even though you are filled with chaos, shock, and turmoil, you can choose to see your breakup as a window of opportunity.  Look through the window.  The window shows you who you will become.  It is a metaphor for the desires, wishes, and urges that come to you.  I urge you to listen carefully to these soul callings, because this window is open now.  The good and bad news… more »

Shut Up or Speak Up? Using Your Inside Voice

When I was a young professional in my 20’s, I never stood up for myself when a boss would have a sly comment, or someone would throw me under the proverbial ‘bus’. And at home, with my boyfriend, I would get mouthy and use my voice as a weapon to protect myself from judgment and pain. I couldn’t calibrate when to speak and when to allow silence to speak for me. And to add to the timeliness of this discussion, Mercury is in retrograde. I’ll give you the simplest break down of what that means. Mercury is the planet of communication. Retrograde means we go inside. Now is a great time to delve deep into our subconscious (our spirit) and find our… more »