How to stop obsessing about YOUR EX

It starts with an innocent, “I’ll just check in to see if he’s happy.”.  Or, “I’ll send him an email because I want to share an experience I had that made me think of him.”  It ends with a sleepless night, obsessing about what his reply will be because you just had to text him to see how he was doing. You end up wasting your time ruminating on what could have been or making up stories to yourself about what he’s doing now or worse; you end help contacting him and sink into insecurity and doubt about what he’ll say if he gets back to you or whether he will reply at all.  Either way, it’s a downward spiral… more »

Key #5 Stop Escaping and Slow Down to Listen to Your Heart

Key #5 to a Drama-Free Breakup Through my 20’s and 30’s I was in a hurry.  I chewed fast, I showered fast and I rebounded fast.  I savored few things.  I missed out on what my heart was trying to tell me.  The language of the heart is slow and steady.  It’s a rhythm of peace and kindness.  When I rushed through my life, I was not able to connect with those that I loved.  Most importantly, I wasn’t able to connect to my own heart, because I flew through my days, ignoring my delicate passions and true desires.  My heart suffered because of this habit. Key #5 Stop Escaping and Slow Down to Listen to Your Heart If you want… more »

Continuing on with a Drama Free Breakup. Say NO to Stalking!

You will move beyond breakup drama, when you demand a no contact policy between you and your ex.  Say NO to stalking!  This means refraining from texting, calling, social media stalking, or contacting your ex for a specified period of time after your breakup. Key #4 Demand No Contact with Your Ex Your precious heart is a coveted item.  Have you seen that picture of a gooey heart being handed over to a special someone with the quote ‘will you take care of my fragile heart?’   Right now, it isn’t fair to expect your ex to take care of your fragile heart.  I know it’s hard because up to this point, he’s been the person you confide in…but he isn’t that… more »