Cultivate Awareness for an Extraordinary Life

Cultivating awareness in every day life will lead us to more peace as we grow the awareness muscle.  When we still ourselves and cultivate a quality of inner and outer ‘listening’, we create wisdom and faith.  In our striving and struggling, we forget that there is a bigger plan for us.  For me, I’ve been sleeping horribly. I felt more healthy 2 weeks ago then EVER before. Now, 2 weeks later, I feel like poop because my adrenaline is flowing for no apparent reason. My doctor says, “that’s why we call it the ART of medicine.” Life is not science. Science is not art. Sprituality is not science.   And what do Life, Spirituality, and Art all have in common?… more »

I Hate the Holidays

I’m a Creature of Habit. I like certainty and I like routine. And I hate the holidays for this reason. And I love my daughter.  She’s out of school for 2 weeks and we’ve both had about enough of each other. I’ve fed her breakfast, but she’s hungry. And since I’ve written this first paragraph, she’s said, “mom?” 4 times already. I don’t have 24 hours a day to give to her. My mother is 2 weeks out of complete knee replacement here in Boulder and I’m her caretaker. My husband really does his share, but I feel so fucking pulled in every direction right now. And I want some routine!! And it’s zero degrees outside, so running through the… more »

Ahh Parenting … The Chaos of Being a Mom

Being with chaos is about the toughest thing for a high-achieving, organized, mountain mover concerned with the getting on with the process and moving forward.  To me, I used to think the only folks who could handle chaos were artists because they were floaty airheads. (Forgive me for my past judgments.) Chaos used to be what I wanted to side step because it was a waste of time to the bottom line. Because there was no logic in it, I could see no value in chaos.  But after much awareness and practice, I see chaos in a whole different light.  Some examples of the chaos I’m talking about are when a meeting gets emotional and we have to slow down… more »