Your New Life Awaits

Let’s face it.  Your breakup is a big transition. While you aren’t who you used to be, you’re not who you will become yet either.  You are caught in the middle—somewhere between uncertainty, potential, doubt, and hope.  But trust that your new life does await. After a breakup, you are different.  Even though you are filled with chaos, shock, and turmoil, you can choose to see your breakup as a window of opportunity.  Look through the window.  The window shows you who you will become.  It is a metaphor for the desires, wishes, and urges that come to you.  I urge you to listen carefully to these soul callings, because this window is open now.  The good and bad news… more »

How to stop obsessing about YOUR EX

It starts with an innocent, “I’ll just check in to see if he’s happy.”.  Or, “I’ll send him an email because I want to share an experience I had that made me think of him.”  It ends with a sleepless night, obsessing about what his reply will be because you just had to text him to see how he was doing. You end up wasting your time ruminating on what could have been or making up stories to yourself about what he’s doing now or worse; you end help contacting him and sink into insecurity and doubt about what he’ll say if he gets back to you or whether he will reply at all.  Either way, it’s a downward spiral… more »

Cultivate Awareness for an Extraordinary Life

Cultivating awareness in every day life will lead us to more peace as we grow the awareness muscle.  When we still ourselves and cultivate a quality of inner and outer ‘listening’, we create wisdom and faith.  In our striving and struggling, we forget that there is a bigger plan for us.  For me, I’ve been sleeping horribly. I felt more healthy 2 weeks ago then EVER before. Now, 2 weeks later, I feel like poop because my adrenaline is flowing for no apparent reason. My doctor says, “that’s why we call it the ART of medicine.” Life is not science. Science is not art. Sprituality is not science.   And what do Life, Spirituality, and Art all have in common?… more »

5 Ways to Get Unstuck from your Slump

Thinking big. Is it easy for you? Strategizing daily. Is it easy for you? This week, I did a 15 minute talk on the qualities we want to develop in order to step more deeply into an extraordinary life. To start, there’s an underlying hunger that is in our nature to be great, to progress into someone more meaningful than just ourselves. This is an innate quality of the people I work with, coachable people who want it all and can’t help it. That part is a given.   The other 2 parts I will discuss are 2 sides of a coin. There are those who are great big thinkers and there are those that are great daily doers. To… more »

Why People Don’t Take Advice

There’s a lot of advice being thrown around these days, probably always has been. I wonder if there’s more nowadays due to the information age. Opinions are available 24/7. Everybody is the expert.   There’s pregnancy advice, business advice, parenting advice, fashion advice, love advice, advice column advice, advice for advice. When I say ‘advice’, I mean spoken and written. This advice comes from people who care about being the expert. Maybe their intentions are good. Maybe they just want you to do what they say so they can feel better about themselves. But with the advice I’m talking about that people don’t take, it’s given with some attachment to the outcome. From the advisor’s perspective, if you don’t take… more »