Getting Past Your Breakup

Getting Past Your Breakup is the Number 1 Key to a Happy Life! When you need relationship therapy, start here.  You will keep the drama out of your breakup and move on in a quick and efficient way so you can begin anew… A Breakup FULL of Drama is one in which you half-heartedly make the breakup decision because you’re feeling hurt and lonely and you react. You blurt it out, barely meaning it. You get on your high horse and decide to walk out with a lot of pomp and circumstance, all the while hoping he will run after you, adding to the drama. Drama attracts drama.  You won’t be getting past your breakup if you choose this route…. more »

3 Feats to Overcome Sarcasm

Is sarcasm ruining your relationship? Have you found yourself in a sarcastic relationship where there’s a cunning undercurrent of spite and bitterness? Have you ever wondered when sarcasm became the way you communicated with this person who you used to treat so lovingly? Have you tried to overcome the habit, but find the inertia around sarcasm too strong to stop? Sarcasm drains every life force around it. My grandparent’s relationship was made of sarcastic spite and bitterness, including constant harsh judgments and blaming. Sarcasm creates behaviors such as making comments under the breath, repeating what the other says in a spiteful mimic, and slicing through the heart with harsh judgment by mocking. The belief you hold when you are being sarcastic is an overall belief thatyour partner is not enough. It’s an… more »