Do You Know the 7 Key Stages of a Breakup?

The 7 Key Stages of a Breakup may not be what you think.  If you are getting over a breakup or trying to decide to end a relationship, you will want to know what to expect.  Relationship help is on the way!  The majority of these breakup stages are action stages, not regret, relapse, disappointment, or grief.  These are stages of a breakup that you can sink your teeth into and get to work on what to do about regret, relapse, and grief.  Action will allow you to get on your way with a clear and concise plan for your future.  You will have time to feel your feelings and process them.  You won’t spend time wallowing in your self… more »

How to Get Over a Breakup in 90 Days or Less From the Breakup Expert

Do you think you know how to get over a breakup in 90 Days or Less?  When your broken heart is so painful, it feels like you will never move on.  As the Breakup Expert, I promise, dealing with a breakup seems like a bigger deal at first.  The more days you get behind you, you will feel better, as you follow these simple steps.  In 90 days, you will feel like a new, excited, alive, and whole person without your ex. It takes time and patience, but you’ve got a lot of time now.  Getting over a breakup can be a lot easier once you decide to commit to yourself.  Do this first.  Say to yourself, “Dear self.  It’s… more »

The 3 Most Common Barriers to Attracting New Love After a Breakup

During my divorce, I wanted to move on so badly. I was 31 and ready to have kids, but I had to slow down. In order to move on, I had to truly grieve and let go of the baggage. I also had to be deliberate in picking a new partner. If I didn’t do those two things, I would have just repeated my pattern and been stuck with someone similar to whom I had just left! It took a lot of willpower and support. I imagine that it will take a lot of willpower and support for you too. I understand how badly you may yearn to quickly put the pieces back together and find a new love who… more »

How To Pick Up The Pieces After A Breakup

How in the world do you get motivated to move on with your life after losing the person you thought you were going to share forever with? Even going to the grocery can seem like a chore.  Our culture barely gives us time to grieve after a death, much less a breakup, but both are intense losses.  The familiar expectation is that you suck it up and get on with life, but this can be difficult when you’re stuck in the neutral zone—a place of uncertainty and raw emotion. Matters of the heart know no time constraints.  It is important to acknowledge your breakup blues before you start beating yourself up about not getting on with life. You are not… more »