Do You Know the 7 Key Stages of a Breakup?

The 7 Key Stages of a Breakup may not be what you think.  If you are getting over a breakup or trying to decide to end a relationship, you will want to know what to expect.  Relationship help is on the way!  The majority of these breakup stages are action stages, not regret, relapse, disappointment, or grief.  These are stages of a breakup that you can sink your teeth into and get to work on what to do about regret, relapse, and grief.  Action will allow you to get on your way with a clear and concise plan for your future.  You will have time to feel your feelings and process them.  You won’t spend time wallowing in your self pity.

Set your mind free so you can control your thoughts.
Set your body free so you can become the sexy you’ve always wanted to become.
Set your soul free so you can rewrite your happy future.

You can make a tough transition much easier when you prepare for a breakup.  Learn the stages of a breakup so you can be prepared and relaxed through the emotional rollercoaster.  The intensity of these feelings will pass.

Let’s Begin!

The First Stage of a Breakup is this:


You can waffle back and forth on this one for 2 weeks to 50 years or more while in an unfulfilling relationship!  It is up to you to wake up from denial and decide that your long term happiness is worth the brief painful transition.  The sooner you make the decision, the more likely you can attract a higher caliber of new love.  If you have gone 50 years in an unfulfilling relationship, it’s not too late.  Face your reality and make a plan.  Stop holding on because you are afraid of the transition.  When you are not happy, life stinks.stages of a breakup

The Second Stage of a Breakup is this:


The Breakup begins long before the words, “I don’t want to be with you anymore” are spoken aloud.  There is a term you may have heard, ‘the silent divorce’.  Two people who used to be so close and playful; barely talk, don’t show affection anymore, and definitely stopped having sex long ago.  Due to routine, habit, stubbornness, children, finances, drama, and impending instability – denial ensues.  But when you live an unfulfilled life, there’s no light in your eyes, things are foggy and what’s the point?  Make a change today.

The Third Stage of a Breakup is this:


The more your rational mind prepares, the better your emotions will cope.

You will eventually need to deal with your grief about losing what you thought was forever.  For now, master this stage of a breakup so you can trust your confidence as an individual, going into the world on your own two feet and making it work.  The more evidence you gain in the form of success, the better you will feel about the breakup.  Decide to join a class or community for fun!

The Fourth Stage of a Breakup is this:


Now that you’ve made a decision to leave, what steps do you need to take to end the relationship, and never go back?  When you complete your exit strategy (I have a worksheet HERE for you), you are well on your way through the forth stage of a breakup.  The logistics and mindset of your breakup are covered.  Take a breath and feel yourself moving on now.


How will you breakup with your ex?  Where and how will you spend your time for the initial period after the breakup?   If you will move out, when?  How?  Where?  How much will your rent be?  Will you buy a place?  What places will you stay away from?  Can you decide together who gets which friends and which destinations (gym, coffee shop, etc…)  for the initial stage of the breakup?  When you know what to expect in your reality, you can give yourself a sweet retreat in your mind to allow yourself to feel through the breakup, instead of constantly having to get into your active mind.  After the details are settled, the active mind will not be your friend.  That is the place of second guessing, doubts, and mind-racing thoughts that don’t serve your current decision.  Stick to the passive mind to properly process your breakup and heal your broken heart.

Take Advantage of your Life-Saving Exit Strategy Worksheet here

Create flow in your daily life and give yourself time to feel through your day, you’ll be getting over a breakup much easier.

Make a plan, so you know what to expect.  You will be more relaxed and confident through your breakup.

The Fifth Stage of a Breakup is this:


Now that you have done all you can to salvage the relationship, happiness will only come when you have moved on from this chapter of your life.  In this stage of a breakup, leave the relationship, move out, and leave no trace.  If you have kids, you plan even more so that you don’t see each other for 3 months to allow the initial wound to heal.  Use your support system.  Get relationship help.  Seek breakup counseling, relationship advice, and feel relief when you fill out the Exit Strategy Worksheet, so you have all the details covered before you take the leap!

The Sixth Stage of a Breakup is this:


Getting over a relationship doesn’t have to take that much time.  Learn to control your mind in order to grieve and move on, and you will move through this stage in the most efficient and effective way.  Relationship help I give my clients to get over a breakup allows them to sufficiently grieve, but not get lost in their sadness.  How you beat the breakup blues is up to you, but you can’t skip this step.  Make up your mind to move straight through it, through the dragon’s breath.  If you skirt around feeling the breakup blues, you will stay in the grief cycle.  Better to move through it and onward to my favorite stage!

The Final Stage of a Breakup is this:


relationship help

Now for the super fun part.  You have successfully completed the last six stages of a breakup.  Now you are here to party.  This stage is enlivened, joyous, and celebratory.  You have worked so hard to get here!  Now it is here!  Implement the dreams and schemes you derived.  Manifest the great life you always dreamed about.  Sure, you may be creating alone for a short time. This is temporary because you want a higher caliber of new love!  Never settle for less again.  You are well on your way to the next chapter with a lover who fits you better because you now know yourself better.


it’s not easy to go through a breakup, but if you are in a lonely, dull, infuriating, and broken-hearted situation, get out now.  Life is too short for unfulfilling relationships.  If you haven’t done what it takes yet, in order to truly know that it’s over, start that process while you get to know these 7 stages of a breakup.  For more information on how to know the relationship is over, click here to find the 3 Tips on How to Decide When to Leave Your Relationship.

When you master the art of a breakup (hopefully you won’t have too many breakups in your life), your pain will only last for a short while.  If done wisely, you can successfully move on from a breakup.

You have heard it, straight from The Breakup Expert.  I have seen many people use these strategies and thrive in their lives even more than they had during their past relationship.  Take the time for yourself, get some relationship help, and you’ll blow past the these stages of a breakup…

PS.  Don’t believe there are no good ones out there.  This just isn’t true.  It’s a lie based on fear and scarcity.


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Kate Galt RElationship Coach & Breakup Expert

Kate Galt is a relationship coach, better known as The Breakup Expert.  If you are in the throes of dealing with a breakup and would like to know and better understand the 7 keys stages of a breakup, some relationship counseling can help!  Kate, The Breakup Expert, helps people in working through the 7 stages of a breakup part of a relationship.
Kate is a certified Relationship Coach and has helped 100’s of people in this effort.
Though Kate works remotely with people from all over, she is available in person working out of Boulder, CO and is available in person for Relationship Counseling to help you deal with a breakup and the stages of a breakup in the surrounding communities of Louisville, Lafayette and Longmont, CO.  Connect with Kate today!  Click here now.







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