5 Ways to Get Unstuck from your Slump

Thinking big.

Is it easy for you?

Strategizing daily.

Is it easy for you?

This week, I did a 15 minute talk on the qualities we want to develop in order to step more deeply into an extraordinary life. To start, there’s an underlying hunger that is in our nature to be great, to progress into someone more meaningful than just ourselves. This is an innate quality of the people I work with, coachable people who want it all and can’t help it. That part is a given.


The other 2 parts I will discuss are 2 sides of a coin. There are those who are great big thinkers and there are those that are great daily doers. To blend the two is the trick that will give us range and help us stretch to more extraordinary success. It is natural to be better at one or the other.


If you haven’t already; get familiar with your innate style.

I find that during the start of the new year, big picture thinking gets highlighted, it gets priority. And visioning is not something we all have the muscle for until we wax and buff and shine it. Sure, we can picture some good stuff happening in our lives, we can relax here and there and wish and dream. But what is the most difficult is holding that daily vision even when we’re stuck in a rut. To be able to hold the vision even in our crabbiness is the highest goal because that is what will create the stick-to-it-iveness that we need for success.


For instance, vision boards. Yes, they are a great exercise and create a resonance within like nothing else! But then what? Take it home, put it up on your wall and your saboteurs have a hay-day with what you don’t have and how you’re not getting where you want fast enough. Holding that vision with positivity day in and day out is one tough goal.


Yet it is the ultimate goal. To get over ourselves, to get out of our drama and in to our purpose is the way. We can do so much more than our egos would have us believe when we lose our vision.


It’s like we have amnesia when we lose our vision. We need to be reminded of who we are and what we want. We need some love. We need references that can slap us in the face (lovingly) to recover to purpose. It’s nice to have 5 tools written down for you that you can reference when you’re stuck. They are your, 5 Ways to Get Unstuck. Keep them in a place that you can see. Keep them in a place that even your ego won’t overlook.


Here are my 5:

  1. Journal or email a friend. Vent about the crabbiness and see if it moves/shifts/changes.
  2. Go for a walk and empty the mind. Make a concerted effort to get out of analyzing life and become a passive observer of nature.
  3. Cry and go deep into the pain of whatever has come up with a friend or alone, depending on the mood.
  4. Sit quietly in a meditative state and allow myself to identify my feelings and be with them. Don’t try to change them.
  5. Breathe deeply and tell myself what my purpose in life. My purpose is much more interesting and important than the crabbiness, hopelessness, and guilt I am currently feeling.


Thinking big and strategizing can be done best when the space feels open and fresh.

It’s your job to take a minute to open and refresh yourself and your environment whenever you notice your shitty committee getting the best of you. Stop right away and shift the space. It will be the best thing you did all day. Recover. Recover. Recover.


Hold your vision at it’s highest. It is fragile unless you make it a daily anchor that will not budge. As the vision is strong, the strategy becomes clear.