12 Habits of Happy Single Women

sea-beach-holiday-vacation-mediumBeing single and continuously pining for a partner is NO FUN! The women I see who are rockin’ singledom are living their lives FULLY and reflecting on how they want to grow. They are not lost in wishing that a lover would whisk them away and rescue them from themselves.

The following are the 12 habits of happy single women. These women believe that no matter what, they deserve to claim the life they love.

12 Habits of Happy Single Women

1. Morning Ritual
Every morning, no matter the time constraint, happy single women have a ritual where they fill their minds with positivity for the day to come. Yoga, meditation, a walk in nature, creative writing, singing, reading spiritual texts are a few examples.

Tip: Mix and match to create your own so that you can develop a sweetness in the morning that no one can take away from you.

2. Spiritual Practice
Happy single women regularly contemplate something bigger that is in charge of the unknown. They trust that there is no sense in pretending to control every facet of their life. They let go and allow their spirit to relax into the things they cannot control by attending church or some kind of devotion that honors their values.

Tip: Try being with a group that honors uncertainty, nature, and love.

3. Healthy Nutrition
What they put in their bodies is what they get out of their bodies. Depression, melancholy, and low energy can be directly linked to what you put in your body. Happy single women have dialed in the amount and type of foods that keep their system in a productive working order. After all, they’ve got a big life, so they need big energy.

Tip: If there’s something you eat that you know effects your mood, take a stand for happiness and say no.

4. Bountiful Friendships
Happy single women are not short of phone calls or visits when they’re feeling down. They’re not big complainers, they share what they are thinking and feeling with a friend because they know how that can take the weight of the breakup off their shoulders. They make it a priority to reach out in good and bad times to their loving support system who are ready to listen.

Tip: Do you make it a priority to gather with your friends on a regular basis or do you let two or three weeks go by before you realize you haven’t reached out? Go ahead and write one of your core friends a letter about how much you love her.

5. Creative Outlet
Happy single women participate in activities that let their analytical minds rest and their imaginations roar. Being creative allows them to forget about their daily issues and lets them open their minds to possibilities.

Tip: Sing, dance, write, paint, sculpt, play, and create so you can get out of your head and connect with your heart.

6. Love-based Belief System
Fear and terror are not going to melt away altogether. But, there is a habit that is unmistakable in happy single women. They don’t make their decisions based on a world of fear and limits. They operate in a love-based belief that there is plenty and things will work out. They trust more and worry less.

Tip: When you find yourself making decisions because you are scared, see if you can practice shifting your belief system for less stress.

7. Success Oriented
These women have hopes and dreams and a proven track record of success. They get what they want because they stay clear and focused. Their strong sense of values is their compass for where they orient their success.

Tip: Refer to your list of goals each morning to point you in the right direction. Don’t have goals? Time to write them down and prioritize them.

8. Enjoy the Moment
There’s a grace in happy single women that is noticeable. They are with you when they’re with you. They are right in the moment happening now. They take the time to realize what matters to them in life and they slow down enough to appreciate the little things.

Tip: Take a walk and notice the smells, sounds, and feelings you get as you stroll through perfect nature.

9. Active Lifestyle
There is no stagnation in happy single women’s lives. They are a fine balance of movement and reflection. They don’t just do one activity, like running only. They have a plethora of activities that make them happy. They listen to their body to decide whether to lift weights, play tennis, go for a bike ride, stretch, or take the day off.

Tip: Make sure that your relationship with your body is in working order.

10. Life Long Learner
Happy single women can always finds something interesting to learn about. They aren’t dependent on a man to couple with to sign up for a class. They read exactly what they want to read. Their curiosity offers passion and knowledge to keep them moving forward.

Tip: If you can’t remember the last time you made it a point to learn something new, sign up for that class or read that book now. You can even write it in your goals.

11. Feminine Perspective
Femininity is a power that needs to be turned up in our culture. Receptive flow is useful in so many ways compared to pushing and jamming to get your way. Happy Single Women take a step back and reflect more often than their unhappy sigle sisters. They honor the cycles of time and life, allowing things to unfold instead of continually forcing them. And they still get LOTS done.

Tip: When you have a dilemma, take a step back and take a breath. Feel the bowl of your pelvis and take a deep breath into your belly for just a moment, imagining your feminine power spreading throughout your body. Many answers come when you step back like this.

12. Plenty of Mood Adjustment Tools
Happy single women know things go bad. They expect uncertainty in life. But they know what to do with their overwhelm. They have a toolbox of strategies that help them feel their feelings, deal with their sadness, overwhelm, anxiety, anger, and stress. When they do go down the rabbit hole, they’re not there very long. They recover in a matter of an afternoon.

Tip: When your mind starts being mean to you, think about the tools you have to recover and pick one out. Use it right away!

Do you have any more habits to share? Being single is a state of mind. It’s much more plentiful and vibrant to be single and embrace these habits, than to be stuck in a relationship that keeps you unhappy.

Homework: Choose 3 of the above habits to start practicing today and see how much more you can love your life!